A Respected Leader In Washington Criminal Defense

Attorneys Amy Muth and Jennifer Atwood of the Law Office of Amy Muth, PLLC, have devoted their careers to representing juvenile and adult clients accused of sex offenses and other serious offenses. We have attained acquittals, reductions, or dismissals for virtually every felony and misdemeanor sex offense, including rape, child molestation, child rape, incest, possession of child pornography, commercial sexual abuse of a minor, and prostitution related offenses. We have represented high-profile clients, and clients from a wide range of backgrounds and professions. We also have years of experience working with kids charged with crimes, both in how to defend them and how to build trust with them while making them feel heard.

We represent people accused of sex offenses because we know all too well how easily an innocent person can be falsely accused of one of society’s most awful crimes—and face stiff punishment. Our years of experience give us the necessary courtroom skills to take on the most challenging cases, and the negotiation skills to minimize consequences where appropriate.

Our attorneys are recognized as leaders in defending these challenging cases. We testify in Olympia and meet with legislators to seek to reform sex offender laws. We are invited to write amicus briefs on behalf of WACDL, WDA, and ACLU on juvenile and adult sex offenses issues. We teach other lawyers how to litigate these cases. We also provide pro bono representation for people with sex convictions through the Seattle Clemency Project. We’ve received awards and recognition from WACDL, WDA, and Law & Politics magazine.

We know these cases. Call us to schedule a free initial phone consultation at 206-682-3053.