A Respected Leader In Washington Criminal Defense

Being accused of a felony sex offense carries life-changing consequences. Whether you are charged in King County Superior Court or other Washington courts, you may face a lengthy prison term, sex offender registration and a criminal conviction that follows you for life.

When you stand accused of serious criminal charges of sexual assault or domestic violence, attorney Amy Muth of the Law Office of Amy Muth, PLLC, in Seattle will confidently take charge of your case.

Attorney Amy

Amy's many years of achieving excellent results while representing individuals charged with a wide range of sex crimes have given her the tools and experience to protect your rights and make certain your story is told. She will thoroughly investigate your case, carefully research your legal issues and skillfully negotiate with prosecutors. At trial, she is a zealous advocate whose persuasive presentations resonate with judge and jury alike.

A Recognized Leader In Criminal Defense

Amy Muth, a dedicated criminal defense lawyer, provides exceptional representation to people facing allegations of sex crimes against children or adults; internet sex crimes, including child pornography; and in cases when suspects are arrested in a sting operation.

Amy safeguards her clients' interests when they are facing arrests for prostitution, molestation charges against trusted authority figures such as teachers or coaches, domestic violence offenses, protection order violations and other serious felonies.

Attorney Muth works closely and directly with clients to avoid convictions, incarceration, loss of employment, loss of familial ties and immigration consequences. She brings an intense work ethic, a litigation-oriented focus and exceptional legal analytical skills to each client's case.

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