Jennifer Atwood

Jennifer Atwood

Seattle, Washington

Attorney Jennifer Atwood has spent her career representing those accused of crimes in Western Washington. While she has represented adult clients on a wide range of felony and misdemeanor charges, and has achieved dismissals, reductions, and not guilty verdicts in many complex cases, in recent years, Jennifer's practice has focused on juvenile representation. Jennifer previously served as a Senior Attorney with the King County Department of Public Defense in their juvenile division. Jennifer spent many years in and out of court every day representing kids and only kids, which gave her a wide range of experience that she brings to each of her juvenile cases. Jennifer values understanding her young clients and their needs. She has experience working with youths on the autism spectrum or who have mental illnesses, developmental delays, substance abuse disorders, ADD, ADHD, and youths who struggle with their sexual behavior. Jennifer takes a special interest in the emerging research related to juvenile brain development, the impact of trauma on future behavior, and the importance of non-incarceration approaches especially for youthful offenders. Her knowledge and skill in these areas have yielded exceptional outcomes for her young clients.

Jennifer is an equally impressive adult felony attorney. She has attained not guilty verdicts following challenging trials for cases including Assault of a Child; Child Molestation; Rape; Unlawful Imprisonment with Sexual Motivation; Domestic Violence Felony Harassment; and Domestic Violence Court Order Violation. Jennifer's years of experience, superb courtroom skills, and dedication to her clients make her an excellent fit for complex cases and for clients who have complex needs.

Jennifer is a 2001 graduate of Seattle University School of Law, holds a B.A. in English from Seattle University, and is licensed to practice in the State of Washington, the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Jennifer's practice focuses on the following areas:

• All Juvenile Offenses
• Adult and Child Sexual Assault
• Domestic Violence Offenses
• Violent Crimes



First Degree Child Molestation Charges Reduced to Non-Sex Offense: Thirteen year old client was caught by a family member inappropriately touching another young family member. Client's ADHD had been unmedicated and he needed education around his sexual acting out. By coordinating with the client's extended family, a mentor, school, juvenile probation counselor, and therapist, Jennifer was able to convince the prosecution that a reduction to a non-sex offense was appropriate, and later convince the court to grant a deferred disposition, which would permit dismissal of the case after 24 months of compliance.

Avoided Imposition of lengthy sentence for Burglary, Assault 4 with sexual motivation, Violation of Court Order charges: Client was diagnosed with high functioning autism, anxiety, and depression late in adolescence. Client was facing revocation of a previously imposed suspended sentence totaling 129 weeks. Jennifer successfully argued that one of the client's sentences was illegal. In addition, Jennifer worked tirelessly to support the family in finding the right mental health professionals to help her client. The client made significant strides in the two years that passed since the original sentence was imposed, and through Jennifer's advocacy, the juvenile probation counselor no longer supported revoking his suspended sentence. Instead of being sent to a juvenile confinement facility, Jennifer convinced the court and probation that the facility could not meet the client's needs, and was able to secure a sentence of electronic home monitoring, and get permission for the client to attend sessions with his mental health providers. Client will also be able to seal his record when he is eligible.

First Degree Child Rape and Child Molestation: SSODA and registration relief: This case represents one of Jennifer's proudest case resolutions. Jennifer began representing this client as a victim. A police investigation revealed that the client had also engaged in sexual behavior with a relative, much like how she had been abused by her family member. Jennifer also represented her in that charge. Jennifer convinced the state that her client should not face detention. This quiet child who looked at the floor and spoke softly, is now an advocate and a strong voice for others. Everyone who worked with her as a youth - the probation counselor, the therapist, and the court - were all impressed with the incredible work she is doing in her community. Jennifer particularly enjoyed helping her client be removed from the sex offender registry, seal her file, and close that chapter of her life.


SVP Escape - Dismissed: Client was facing several years in prison. Client had been accused of going outside the range of his GPS device. Through the use of an expert on GPS, extensive interviews of neighbors and my client's family, it was determined that the GPS device was deficient in accurately tracking my client's whereabouts on the dates in question and my client was entirely innocent.

Assault in the Second Degree, Firearm Enhancements, Two Counts--Not Guilty: Jennifer's client was accused of shooting at police officers responding to a homicide. During a six week trial, Jennifer convinced the State's ballistics expert to agree with her case theory. Jennifer's client was found guilty of a misdemeanor of Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm and given a deferred sentence, which was later dismissed.

Felony harassment-DV and VNCO-DV trial - Not Guilty: Jennifer's client and his former wife went through a contentious divorce. Client was accused of approaching ex-wife's 11 year old son in a park in violation of a protection order and threatening him. Between the 911 call, the testimony of the officer and detective, testimony of my client's former wife, the 11 year old, Jennifer's investigator, and her client, the jury acquitted on all counts.

Assault of a Child - Not Guilty: Client's early elementary age son came to school with a bruise on his arm. When school staff asked him about it, child said his father hit him and made his mouth bleed for not cleaning his room. Law enforcement and CPS were called to the school. The parents arrived and CPS took their baby from her mother's arms and their two elementary age children. They were placed with another family member. The parents were devastated and felt completely powerless. At trial it became apparent that their son was not assaulted, nobody knew where he got the bruise on his arm, he was disciplined for not cleaning his room and was probably still upset about that, and his mouth bled because he lost a tooth that day. Client was found not guilty. CPS ended their investigation with no adverse findings. All of the kids returned home.

Child Molestation, Second Degree - Not Guilty: Client was accused of inappropriately touching his teenage niece during a sleepover. Niece reported the incident to her grandmother the same night. Niece had mental health needs that contributed to the allegation. Jury acquitted.

Attempted Rape 2, Indecent Liberties, Unlawful Imprisonment with Sexual Motivation - Not Guilty, All Charges: Client attended house party to celebrate daughter's birthday; daughter was in early twenties. Client had too much to drink, went to use the bathroom, and accidentally walked in on a female inside. She screamed and several people came running to her aide. The State believed he was trying to sexually assault her. Jury acquitted on all charges.

Areas of Practice

  • All Juvenile Offenses
  • Adult and Child Sexual Assault
  • Domestic Violence Offenses
  • Violent Crimes