Domestic Violence Offense

A criminal charge for a serious domestic violence offense or domestic abuse offense often translates to the loss of rights that many of us take for granted.

When a person is accused of a domestic violence offense, courts almost always enter no contact orders, which usually means that the person charged loses access to his or her home. Persons convicted of domestic assault, harassment or a protection order violation can lose the right to own a firearm, child visitation privileges after a divorce and immigration status, increasing the risk of deportation.

If you face these legal difficulties in Seattle or King County, the lawyer who is a recognized leader in criminal defense is Amy Muth, founder of the Law Office of Amy Muth, PLLC. Amy has spent years testifying on domestic violence laws before the Washington Legislature and has participated in several Legislative task forces on domestic violence issues.

With many years of experience as an attorney operating in state and federal courts, Amy advocates for clients during negotiations with prosecutors and during trial before judges and juries. She works tirelessly to help you avoid unfair consequences like incarceration, and a criminal record.

Have you been accused of stalking or striking a family member, abusing a former spouse or your child, intimidating someone in your home or issuing threats of harm that led to a domestic violence complaint?

Because of mandatory arrest laws, if the police have probable cause that someone committed a domestic violence offense, the police must arrest the primary aggressor. If you have been arrested, attorney Amy Muth has the dedication, client focus, experience and track record that get results.

Quality Criminal Defense Representation In Domestic Violence And Assault Cases

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