Limiting The Consequences After Violations Of Restraining Orders

When allegations of a protection order violation or restraining order violation threaten to send you to jail and separate you from your children, the attorney who will work hard to protect your rights is Amy Muth — a recognized leader in criminal defense.

As your lawyer, Amy listens to your side of the story and collects details that support it. She gives you realistic assessments, thoughtful recommendations on courses of action and the facts you need that can lead to sound decisions about your future.

Violating A Protection Order Carries Serious Potential Consequences

Did an instance of mistaken identity lead to the complaint against you? Was your arrest the result of someone's personal vendetta? Are you concerned about unfair punishments that await you upon conviction such as jail time, continued separation from loved ones and a criminal record?

Any alleged violation of a protection order following charges of domestic violence or spousal abuse is serious business. Your firearm ownership rights, child visitation privileges and immigration standing may be at risk. To respond appropriately to these allegations and preserve your freedoms, you need the help of a defense lawyer with proven skills, extensive knowledge, personal service and a track record.

Amy Muth is exactly that kind of accomplished criminal law attorney. You can trust her talents at case preparation, negotiation and litigation that bring you peace of mind. Amy is available to you throughout the process, so that any question you have can be answered promptly. You receive sound guidance, solid support and regular updates on the status of your case.

Work With A Recognized Leader In Criminal Defense

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