Sting Operations: When The Person You Are Communicating With Is A Police Detective

Were you arrested by a police sting operation?

Do you face serious criminal charges of Internet solicitation of a minor, prostitution or a drug crime as a result?

Criminal defense attorney Amy Muth works hard to put this legal crisis behind you.

At the Law Office of Amy Muth, PLLC, Amy knows entrapment by law enforcement when she sees it. She digs deeply for the facts that led to your arrest for a sex crime against a child or an adult, and brings those facts to skillful negotiations with prosecutors in King County Superior Court.

Police decoy and sting operations can round up any number of suspects for arrests on child pornography and solicitation charges. Amy knows that you may have been totally unaware that you were engaged in an online "chat" with a minor. She uses her many years of experience, in-depth knowledge of state and federal courts and proven litigation skills to protect your rights. She is a recognized leader in criminal defense in Western Washington. Her track record of success over many years of practice has given her the tools to help.

Lawyer Amy Muth — Dedicated To Your Defense In Seattle And King County

Officials from government agencies may attempt to assume the persona of a minor to lure others into communicating via personal computer or smart phone. If this has happened to you, and your freedoms and future hinge on the outcome of a criminal trial in state or federal court, you should not assume you are guilty of predatory behavior simply because the authorities think you are. You should do whatever you can to avoid a lifetime of harsh punishments, including sex offender registration. You should contact the Law Office of Amy Muth, PLLC, immediately.

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