Helping You Seal A Juvenile Sex Criminal Record

As a criminal defense lawyer, Amy Muth takes great satisfaction in helping clients overcome the challenges they face after their involvement with the criminal justice system. This is particularly true in cases of sealing juvenile records, where she gets to help young people put a difficult time behind them.

Amy will take the time to understand your life and goals today, whether they involve going back to school, pursuing employment opportunities or protecting personal relationships. Sealing a juvenile sex offense conviction, if you are eligible, can give you your life back.

Contact criminal defense attorney Amy Muth to see if you are eligible to seal your juvenile sex offense record.

Who Is Eligible For A Sealed Record?

Amy has successfully petitioned courts to vacate and seal her clients' juvenile sex convictions. She takes particular satisfaction in helping those individuals, now fully rehabilitated adults, move forward from a painful experience in their youth. She has been impressed with the successful lives her clients have had despite having a sex conviction on their record and takes great pleasure in being able to tell them, after a court grants their petition, that they can now tell employers they have never been convicted of a sex offense.

In Washington, the statute that determines if you are eligible for sealing and vacating contains multiple criteria for a court to consider. There are several steps you must first go through to seal your offense, and judges are not always receptive to these petitions. Please contact the Law Office of Amy Muth, PLLC, today for a free consultation to determine if you are eligible.

Amy is a highly regarded criminal defense lawyer in the Seattle legal community. Her knowledge and experience can help you in possibly sealing your criminal record for a juvenile sex offense.

Contact Amy Muth And Put The Past Behind You

Your conviction for an offense from many years ago does not need to limit your life today. Amy has successfully petitioned courts to seal her clients' juvenile sex offenses, and those clients have been able to maintain the stable lives with good jobs and caring families they have worked so hard to build.

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