Sex Crimes Against Adults

The Law Office of Amy Muth, PLLC, located in Seattle, Washington, is dedicated to helping individuals who have been charged with serious sex offenses against adults.

The firm is led by Seattle adult sex offense attorney Amy Muth, whose years of experience include many notable successes for her clients, involving reduced sentences, dismissals and acquittals. Her approach to legal representation focuses on highly responsive client service and unmatched case analysis and preparation. She confidently guides her clients through what can often be a frightening, anxiety-ridden experience, working closely with them to help them avoid navigate life-changing consequences like incarceration, public scorn and life as a registered sex offender.

Unmatched Skill In Rape Defense And Other Seattle Area Sex Crimes

The Law Office of Amy Muth, PLLC, maintains a small caseload to ensure that each client receives individualized attention and thorough case analysis and preparation. Amy Muth represents clients accused of a wide range of sex offenses, including:

  • Rape
  • Sex crimes associated with domestic violence charges
  • Sexual assault
  • Indecent liberties and voyeurism
  • Indecent exposure
  • Other sexually motivated crimes

Confidential And Reliable Representation When You Need It Most

The factors leading up to an accusation of sexual assault are unique in every client's case. Perhaps a bad breakup is to blame. Or a difficult divorce and a vindictive spouse. Perhaps alcohol or drug use played a role. Or perhaps there are problems you haven't been able to discuss with anyone else.

You need to be able to have an open conversation with an attorney who does not judge you, and listens carefully and with compassion. You also need to work with an attorney who has the experience and abilities to provide outstanding representation and do everything possible to get the right outcome for your case.

Amy Muth takes the time to work closely with every client in assessing the circumstances of the case and determining the best course of action. She cares deeply about the impact a criminal conviction has on an individual's life and takes great satisfaction in seeking the best outcome for his or her case.

Ms. Muth is pleased to see she can help you. Please schedule a free initial consultation online or by telephone at 206-682-3053/866-235-0030 to discuss the details of your case and how the Law Office of Amy Muth, PLLC, can help.