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What does it mean to be arrested for domestic violence?

In just one instant, a heated argument can become something far larger and more frightening. Even if you never lift a finger against your partner. Even if no one is hurt. If the police get involved, you could find yourself arrested for domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a serious problem. Most people who commit domestic violence are repeat offenders, so the law errs on the side of caution. But that also means it sometimes leads to arrests in situations where no charges will follow. This was recently highlighted by the arrest of a Port of Seattle commissioner.

The Troubles with Title IX Assault Allegations

If you’re arrested on criminal charges, you have a right to defend yourself. The law affords you certain expectations for due process. You are innocent until proven guilty. At least, that’s how things are supposed to work. But for those accused of sexual misconduct in colleges and universities, the same rights don’t always apply.

As The Daily Beast reported, students and faculty accused of sexual misconduct often face disciplinary actions from their schools and universities. However, these disciplinary actions—and the investigations behind them—are not driven by the standards of criminal law. They’re enforced as civil complaints under the shadow of the Title IX rules against sexual discrimination and harassment.

New Statistics Reveal Continuing Sexual Assaults on Campus

Awareness of what constitutes sexual assault and the resources necessary for victims is on the rise in colleges across the country. Yet, findings from a study conducted by the Association of American Universities provided results that reveal continuing problems.

The survey reveals that 25.9 percent of undergraduate females and 6.8 percent of their male counterparts at 33 universities have been victims of sexual assault since starting school.

Felony Crimes and the Stripping Away of Rights

The House of Representative’s Over-criminalization Task Force asking for the Congressional Research Service to provide a complete accounting of all felony crimes did not make banner headlines in 2013. Also, not reported was the failure to secure the information due to the lack of available resources.

A deeper dive would have uncovered felony crimes that include selling “Turkey Ham” as “Ham Turkey,” washing a fish at a non-fish-washing faucet, harassing a golfer, or consulting with a known pirate.

Fines: Dependency or Addition

For a variety of reasons, many cities see their budgets stretched to the maximum even in the best of times. However, when they face economic challenges, they seek new ways to generate revenues. Frequently, filling their coffers comes on the backs of citizens, tourists, and those passing through town who find themselves pulled over by a police officer.

Municipalities are well aware that increasing the number of fines can put them on the fast track to eliminate revenue shortfalls.

The Suspect is Dead. The Case Continues.

The death of Jeffrey Epstein did not represent the death knell of the investigation into allegations of sex trafficking. The criminal case is expanding and focusing on new suspects connected to Epstein, including high-profile entrepreneurs and powerful politicians.

No one linked to the multi-millionaire should breathe a sigh of relief.

The Financial Burdens Plaguing Criminal Suspects and Parolees

Prison populations have skyrocketed over the past 50 years. Currently, 2.2 million people are incarcerated in facilities throughout the United States, an increase of 500 percent with longer sentences contributing to that massive growth.

More prisoners mean an outlay of more money. In 1980, the cost of housing them was close to $20 billion (in current dollars). By 2015, that number more than quadrupled to an astounding $87 billion.

The Unlikely Survivability of R. Kelly's Freedom

After years of rumors and criminal charges surrounding his supposed proclivities for minor females, R. Kelly has replaced a wardrobe custom-made for a wealthy R&B mogul for an orange jumpsuit and ankle shackles.

This appearance was not his first time in front of a judge, nor his inaugural stint in jail. Kelly’s latest incarceration comes five months after sexual abuse charges put him in a Cook County Jail where he bonded out.

Parolees Getting Out the Vote

For decades, few paid attention to a felon sitting in prison and not having the right to vote. It was considered part of the punishment. “Doing the time” meant stepping behind the curtain on any given election day was not an option.

Recently, a groundswell of activity has states considering laws resembling those in Washington when it comes to the restoration of voting rights.

Emojis as Evidence

Early in the existence of the “Internet Age,” a form of shorthand developed to convey laughing out loud and other reactions to random posts or direct messages. Yet, for those online aficionados, abbreviations did not go far enough in their brevity.

Thus, emojis were born and became the parlance of our time.

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