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Pair arrested for theft and burglary

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

A man and woman were recently arrested for allegedly stealing from multiple retail stores. They are both facing multiple charges, including third degree theft and burglary. The two may also face additional charges at the federal level. They were initially released after their arrest but then apprehended later and booked into a facility in a nearby county.

Police say the 24-year-old man and 23-year-old woman broke into Target, Walmart and other Washington retail stores over a period of four months. The most recent incident occurred at a Target location on March 27, 2020. While in the store, the two allegedly entered a back room and pried open a vault of electronics with a crowbar. Authorities believe they removed multiple iPhones worth about $21,000 in total.

In total, they are accused of taking goods worth at least $150,000 during that four-month period. This is possibly related to other investigations in which they are also listed as suspects. Those investigations address similar accusations, primarily for theft and burglary. They are wanted in a total of 11 states and at least one other state.

Criminal charges for theft and burglary can carry a number of legal consequences, including jail time, fines and more. Many Washington defendants also lose their jobs, certain educational opportunities and miss out on time with their families. The situation can be particularly serious when someone is facing several different charges. When facing this type of uncertainty, thoroughly reviewing all charges, evidence and relevant laws can be helpful, especially when under the guidance of an experienced attorney.