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Washington police arrest high school student

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2021 | Juvenile offenses |

Authorities in Washington recently arrested a teen boy after receiving reports about a possible gun at a high school campus. Investigators are currently deciding which charges would be most appropriate to file, and they have noted that he is being treated as a minor. An arrest as a minor is still a serious matter, though, and consequences for such legal action often involve: 

  • Detention in a juvenile facility 
  • Loss of educational opportunities 
  • Trauma related to the juvenile system 

Reports of a gun at school 

An anonymous person told school officials that there was a student on the campus who might have a gun in his possession. Authorities then searched the 15-year-old boy and say they found two rounds of ammunition on his person. They then alerted police, but before they arrived the student fled the school on foot. 

Both the high school and a nearby elementary school were locked down with shelter-in-place orders afterward. The lockdowns were lifted when the student turned himself into police only a short while later. Although he was unarmed, a K-9 dog search did locate a handgun close but not on school property. It is not clear whether that handgun actually belonged to the student in question. 

The time period following an arrest can be distressing for teens and their parents. Many are unsure of where to even begin when it comes to building a defense against juvenile offenses. Having a guide who is knowledgeable in Washington juvenile law can be essential for Washington families who are eager to protect their children.