As of November 1, 2023, most juveniles will no longer have to register as a sex offender and be eligible to seal their convictions. Law enforcement will start removing eligible people from the registry soon and mailing letters confirming they have been removed. If you receive a letter indicating that you have been removed from the registry, please contact our office for a consultation to determine if you are eligible to seal your offense.

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Is multisystemic therapy a viable path for youthful offenders?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2022 | Juvenile offenses |

While it might not be uncommon for youthful individuals to make mistakes at times, parents may not want to see their children’s indiscretion have a detrimental impact on their future. Even if youthful offenders might not fully understand the gravity of their actions, this might not protect them from the fallout thereof. Parents in Washington who wish to shield the futures of their kids might benefit from exploring the available options to help place them on a better path. One of these options might include multisystemic therapy.

Multisystemic therapy

There are a variety of components involved in multisystemic therapy, and such a path could help address numerous potential concerns. One primary concept of MST may involve evaluating the circumstances a child is facing and identifying the factors that might contribute to outlying behavior. Similar treatment paths could help support groups focus on encouraging positive changes in a child’s life by mitigating detrimental behaviors and teaching responsibility.

Through MST, parents and support groups may seek to cultivate positive atmospheres and set healthy goals for youthful individuals without focusing on past events. Remaining engaged in a youthful person’s behavior and life may also help identify and address concerns before a relapse of behavior occurs. This type of therapy could help mitigate the risks of various types of behavior, including youthful aggression and substance abuse, but it can also be somewhat intense at times.

Choosing the best path

Parents of youthful offenders may wish to explore every available option to help protect the well-being of their children, but they might not know how best to achieve their goals. When facing similar issues, a parent could consider speaking with an attorney who understands the gravity of the situation at hand. An attorney can provide a client with insight on all his or her legal rights and available options, assist in preparing a strategy to safeguard the future of the child, and offer guidance on available outlets through which to seek aid in addressing the issues at hand.