As of November 1, 2023, most juveniles will no longer have to register as a sex offender and be eligible to seal their convictions. Law enforcement will start removing eligible people from the registry soon and mailing letters confirming they have been removed. If you receive a letter indicating that you have been removed from the registry, please contact our office for a consultation to determine if you are eligible to seal your offense.

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Understanding the risks of juvenile arson

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2022 | Juvenile offenses |

In some cases, what might seem a harmless act taken out of mere curiosity could continue to build until it grows out of hand. A fire is an example of something that may start off small, but the rapid spread of the flames could prove difficult to control. Studies indicate that juvenile arson continues to be a major concern and understanding the risks thereof could be vital to helping parents in Washington take steps to protect the well-being of their kids. 

A growing concern 

According to recent studies, juvenile arson continues to be a major issue, as reports indicate that up to half of all individuals arrested for similar offenses are minors. Studies state that nearly a third of these arrests involve youths of ages 15 and under. Researchers indicate that the majority of youths choose to experiment with fire at some point, whether this involves playing with matches, lighters, fireworks or candles. 

Kids who play with fire might not always fully understand the risks and even a small fire could grow into a serious safety hazard that could lead to serious injury or even death. While virtually anyone may be capable of starting a fire, studies state that kids who experience high stress or crisis may be at greater risk of exhibiting such behavior. There may also be a link between arson and other illicit behaviors and finding ways to address such issues and speak to the kids about safety could prove vital, but it can also be complex at times. 

Arson charges 

While the idea of speaking with the kids about juvenile arson may seem difficult enough on its own, the process may grow even more complex should an incident leave a minor facing juvenile charges. Parents in Washington who face similar issues could benefit from speaking with an attorney for advice on their options and the best course of action to take. Such guidance may play a vital role in helping a parent understand what to expect from the process and prepare to create a strategy to safeguard the future of his or her child via the proper channels.