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Addressing substance abuse by identifying teen drug paraphernalia

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2022 | Juvenile offenses |

Substance abuse is a type of issue that could have a detrimental effect on individuals of virtually any age. However, while adults may be more aware of the impact of their decisions, teenagers might not always understand the risks involved. Parents in Washington who have concerns about the possible presence of substance abuse may find it helpful to seek insight on ways to identify teenage drug paraphernalia, as identifying red flags may be integral to protecting against such issues.

Drug paraphernalia

Studies indicate that drug paraphernalia can come in various fashions and some types of items may even be created with the use of household materials. Small baggies, lighters and pipes are common examples of objects to look for within a home. Experts also suggest that it might be helpful to watch out for bent spoons or rolled-up dollar bills, as this may also indicate the possible presence of substance abuse.

Items such as sploofs are another example of a type of paraphernalia teens might use to filter out smoke within a home. While experts suggest that sploofs are available for purchase in store, teens may also be able to craft these items using a dryer sheet and some cardboard. Identifying the types of teenage drug paraphernalia may play a vital role in helping parents detect the presence of substance abuse and take steps to protect the future of their children.

Drug charges

Knowing how to identify teen drug paraphernalia may be vital to protecting against substance abuse and mitigating the risks that teenage indiscretion may lead to juvenile drug charges. However, this might not always be enough to keep the unthinkable at bay, and parents of kids in Washington who face similar offenses might find it beneficial to consult with an attorney early on for guidance in navigating the subsequent process. An attorney can help a client evaluate all the available options and assist in developing a plan for what comes next that best meets the needs and interests of his or her child.