As of November 1, 2023, most juveniles will no longer have to register as a sex offender and be eligible to seal their convictions. Law enforcement will start removing eligible people from the registry soon and mailing letters confirming they have been removed. If you receive a letter indicating that you have been removed from the registry, please contact our office for a consultation to determine if you are eligible to seal your offense.

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Are youth diversion programs viable and effective?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Juvenile offenses |

Parents of teens who are accused of involvement in any type of unlawful behavior may worry about how the outcome of the situation might affect their child’s future. Exploring alternative sentencing programs is one example of a factor parents in Washington may wish to address, but they might not know how to choose a path that best aligns with their child’s interests. Diversion programs are paths that may provide various benefits for youthful offenders and knowing what these programs might have to offer may be integral to making an informed decision about one’s options. 

Possible benefits 

Studies indicate that one benefit of diversion programs may pertain to the notion that they might help keep youths out of the detention system. This can be integral to protecting a youth’s future interests, as there may be a variety of potential risks involved with incarceration. However, this does not mean that teens will not be held accountable for their actions, as these programs also act to promote responsibility and help teens form healthier life habits.  

Studies also suggest that diversion programs also use thorough screening techniques that help identify and address the needs and underlying issues of youths based on each specific situation. These programs may also help youths work toward building important life skills and learn to discover and connect with essential services. Such a process may also help youths learn to form healthier relationships with others in their communities, which could prove invaluable at any stage of life. 

Choosing the best path 

Diversion programs are just one example of a tool that may provide a variety of benefits to youthful offenders. While addressing alternative sentencing options can be a stressful concept, parents might benefit from knowing they do not have to go through this alone. When facing a similar situation, a parent might choose to speak with an attorney in Washington for guidance in evaluating all the available options and in choosing a path that best meets the interests and needs of his or her child.