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Possible repercussions of having a fake ID

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | Juvenile offenses |

There are a multitude of establishments that may require a person to be of a certain age for entry and age restrictions may also apply to the purchase of certain goods. Those who are not of legal age may sometimes seek to bypass this requirement by obtaining a fake ID card and while they might feel there is little harm in such an act, the results can prove devastating at times. Knowing the possible penalties for similar offenses could help parents of youthful individuals in Washington who face legal concerns stemming from similar scenarios prepare to address such issues and seek insight into their options.

Possible penalties

While sometimes a youth who is trying to use a fake ID will simply lose the ID card in the process, there are some scenarios in which this could lead to misdemeanor charges. A conviction for such charges can lead to significant penalties if a conviction is obtained. Experts indicate that possible penalties for such offenses could include time behind bars and significant financial fines.

Penalties such as community services and probation are also possible repercussions for similar types of offenses. A conviction could also lead to the suspension of a youth’s driver’s license and preparing to get a license reinstated can be a complex process. A conviction may also remain on a youth’s record for extended periods, which can also take a significant toll on one’s life.

What are the options?

If youthful individuals face juvenile charges under similar scenarios, parents in Washington may face an understandable desire for answers on their available options. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can evaluate the situation a person is facing and provide much-needed insight on the best course of action to take. An attorney can help a client prepare to make informed choices about the available options and develop a strategy that focuses on protecting the future interests of his or her child.