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Learn More About Our Approach To Criminal Defense

At the Law Office of Amy Muth, PLLC, in Seattle, we represent a small number of clients at a time so that we can focus our energies on providing individualized attention to them. We update them regularly on the progress of their cases so that we can reassure them and provide the necessary information they need to make an informed decision. We conduct careful and thorough research in all of our cases, litigate them confidently, and work tirelessly to achieve exceptional results.

We Attend To Your Immediate Needs

When potential clients come to our office, they are often in crisis. Most don’t understand the criminal system or the charges. They are often terrified and assume the worst: that their liberty will be taken away, they will be incarcerated for years, lose their jobs and their families, experience public scorn, and possibly be convicted of a crime they didn’t commit.

Most importantly, they are terrified about the prospect of the unknown. They don’t know whether criminal charges are coming, if they’ve been filed or what potential consequences they face. You hire us to do the worrying for you. We will take the time to reassure you, determine your immediate needs and brainstorm ways in which we can take care of them.

Identify Goals And Gather Information

The first step toward a positive criminal defense strategy is to outline your goals for the case. Are they:

  • Avoiding jail?
  • Avoiding a criminal conviction?
  • Doing damage control?

Together, we review the police reports and other information we’ve received from the prosecutor. We identify any other information we need, such as medical/counseling records, witness statements, missing police reports and forensic test results, so you can make informed decisions about your case, and we can provide the best legal counsel.

Craft Legal Challenges

We examine your case closely to identify legal challenges to the state’s evidence. This often includes retaining experts to review the ways in which child interviews were conducted, how forensic evidence was gathered and tested, or to evaluate the possibility of raising applicable defenses like insanity, diminished capacity or self-defense.

Over the years, we have developed close working relationships with leading experts in the fields of child interviewing techniques, false memory, DNA testing, insanity, client competency, diminished capacity, polygraph examinations, psychiatry, sexual deviancy treatment and forensic lab work. We can readily call upon those experts to assist me in preparing your case.


We have represented clients from all walks of life, from indigent clients to professionals, including law enforcement officers, engineers, veterinarians, medical professionals, CEOs, senior management executives, military personnel, and employees at Microsoft, Boeing and Amazon.  In every category, regardless of circumstances, there are clients who have made mistakes; some out of impulse, some out of desperation and some because they can’t control their behavior and need help.

If you made a mistake, acted on impulse or acted on behavior you can’t control, you receive our help, not our judgment. You are not alone through this process. We work with you to develop mitigation for prosecutors and judges, and, most importantly, to set you up and prepare you to meet with treatment providers, counselors and other professionals who can make certain you get the help you need. We give you realistic assessments about the possible outcomes for your case and identify what steps we can take to minimize the consequences to you.

We advocate strenuously for results that will have the least devastating impact on your life. And most importantly, we will be available to you to answer any questions and provide any assistance we can before, during and after those consequences are carried out, including during and after any terms of incarceration.

We have worked tirelessly to obtain creative resolutions for our clients who needed help, not incarceration, including in-patient treatment, exceptional sentences and sentencing alternatives such as the Special Sex Offender Sentencing Alternative (SSOSA). We work to help our clients avoid felony convictions, avoid sex convictions and sex offender registration, and other sentences that take our clients’ unique and mitigating circumstances into account.

Going To Trial

If you have been falsely accused, often, the only acceptable outcome is an outright dismissal of the charges. Our job is to tell your story and expose the holes in the story your accuser has told. We will investigate and research your case with the goal of convincing the prosecutor to dismiss your case. But, prosecutors are held politically accountable for their actions, and in serious cases, they often want a jury to make the decision about your guilt or innocence.

Should your case go to trial, we prepare an aggressive and meticulous defense. This means that we pick apart witness statements and evidence provided by the state. If necessary, we hire experts to examine evidence and conduct evaluations. We work with private investigators to interview witnesses and provide additional perspectives on the state’s evidence.

We keep in regular contact to update you about your case and make certain that you have reviewed all witness statements and additional evidence that may be uncovered. We provide you the information about what to expect during a criminal trial, answer your questions and put your mind at ease.

We have tried dozens of cases to jury and have won acquittals for clients charged with serious offenses. Our practice has taken us to courtrooms all over the state, including King, Kitsap, Pierce, Snohomish, Skagit, Thurston, Jefferson, Lewis, Benton, Kittitas and Clark counties. We cross-examine witnesses, litigate motions and select juries with confidence. But most importantly, we make certain that your side is heard.

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