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Possible risk factors of drug use among youths

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2023 | Juvenile offenses |

While engaging in drug-related activity could increase a youth’s chances of facing dire legal concerns, this may be far from the only issue involved. Drug use could have a detrimental impact on various aspects of a youth’s life. Addressing some possible risk factors of drug use among youths could help parents in Washington take steps to shield their kids from the trials involved and help them find ways to form healthier life habits. 

Possible risk factors 

Studies indicate that the presence of drug use could affect a teen’s life in numerous ways, one of which might pertain to decreased performance in school. Parents may also benefit from looking for signs that might indicate their kids might be struggling with bullying at school, as the presence of such issues may also lead to a greater risk of drug use. Studies also suggest that teens with older siblings who use drugs may also be at greater risk of engaging in such behaviors. 

The teenage years can also be a highly impressionable stage of life and the surroundings of youths may have a significant influence on their decisions. As such, studies state that teens who live in areas in which drug use is prevalent among peers may also be more likely to develop unhealthy habits. In some cases, teens may also struggle to see the harm in using drugs and discussing similar topics could be an effective way to reducing the risks of unlawful activity. 

Drug charges 

The average teenager may also be unaware of how a conviction for drug charges could affect his or her life. When allegations of involvement in drug activity leave a teen facing legal concerns, parents could benefit from consulting with legal counsel for advice on their options as soon as possible. An attorney in Washington can help a client understand what is at stake, provide insight into the available options, and help prepare a strategy with which to protect his or her child’s future interests through the appropriate channels.