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Accident endangers lives of youthful offenders

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2020 | Juvenile offenses |

Sometimes when children reach their teen years, they begin testing the boundaries or struggling to find their identities. This may lead to reckless behavior that parents may not understand. Unfortunately, that reckless behavior may place the lives of youthful offenders and the lives of others in danger and may also lead to serious consequences in criminal courts.

Three Washington State teens are currently recovering from injuries following a late-night accident. At least one may be facing criminal charges related to that crash. Police responded to the accident just after 3:30 in the morning and found a vehicle wrapped around a tree. Officers described the horrific scene as so bad that it was impossible at first to tell which seat was the front and which was the back. Two boys were trapped inside.

Who was driving?

Officers discovered a third injured teen wandering away from the accident, and they assumed he was the driver. However, further investigation determined that the 15-year-old driver was still in the vehicle, pinned under the steering wheel. Police reported finding alcohol bottles in the vehicle and smelling alcohol on the driver. They obtained a court order to test the boy’s blood for drugs and alcohol.

Driving while impaired and underage and causing an accident that results in injuries are serious charges that may result in such cases. For a Washington State teen, a conviction for these offenses may mean a lifetime of hardship. Fortunately, there are alternatives that may deal with the legal matters and find appropriate help for youthful offenders who may be struggling with issues that lead to such reckless behavior.