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Women facing theft charges

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2024 | Criminal Defense |

Not that long ago, shoplifting was not generally regarded as a serious offense. These days, those in Washington convicted of theft can face harsh penalties and have their lives drastically and permanently impacted. Recently, four women in Bellevue were arrested and charged with organized retail theft 

Police investigation 

Reportedly, the arrests were the result of an investigation by the Bellevue Police Department involving designer sunglasses. The alleged thefts happened at the Nordstrom store at Bellevue Square Mall. According to police, the women would go into the store as a group, quickly take several pairs of sunglasses and hide the sunglasses in their bags and clothing before exiting the store. 

Detectives said they worked with security at the mall and the store to document the stolen items. The police say they reviewed surveillance video and other evidence that linked the individuals to the thefts. Reports said the stolen items were valued at around $20,000. The four women were all charged with multiple counts of second-degree organized retail theft. 

Help is available for those accused 

The women who were arrested could face stringent punishment if they are convicted. In Washington, those who are charged with theft or any criminal offense can ensure their rights are protected by speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney at the first opportunity. A knowledgeable lawyer can work to develop a defense strategy that could increase the chances that those accused could avoid a conviction altogether.