Effective Defense Attorney For Domestic Assault Charges

Are you facing serious felony domestic battery or domestic assault criminal charges in King County?

During her many years of experience of successfully advocating for domestic violence defendants, Seattle criminal defense lawyer Amy Muth is well-aware of how a falsely accused person's rights can get lost in the shuffle of the legal process. She safeguards those interests throughout the entire legal process.

Amy listens carefully as you describe circumstances that led to your arrest for domestic assault or violating a protective order. She gathers specifics of your case and brings them to prosecutors for skillful negotiation, working hard to win a reduction of charges or outright dismissal. She works hard to suppress evidence that could reflect poorly on you and litigates forcefully in court on your behalf if necessary.

You need this kind of advocacy behind you if you are to have any chance of avoiding a number of life-changing punishments, if convicted: jail time, heavy fines and a criminal record, just to name a few. You could also lose the right to own a firearm, visit your child after a divorce or stay in the country if your immigration status is questioned.

At the Law Office of Amy Muth, PLLC, in Seattle, our firm's founder is a recognized leader in criminal defense in the region.

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