Exploring All Options When Advocating For Your Child

In most situations, it is relatively easy for minors to move on after suffering a lapse in judgment. But if their lapse in judgment results in a criminal charge, the results can be long-lasting, potentially affecting their educational and employment opportunities in the state of Washington and across the country.

Seasoned criminal defense lawyers Amy Muth and Jennifer Atwood recognize that successfully representing a juvenile in a criminal matter requires a skill set distinct from defending an adult in criminal court. For nearly two decades, we have used our extensive experience in juvenile law to secure favorable results that minimize the impact an arrest and conviction have on our clients.

Attorneys Amy Muth and Jennifer Atwood will tirelessly pursue all legal options when advocating for your teen in Washington juvenile crime matters. Contact our office today at 206-682-3053 to talk about your case.

Defending Juveniles Charged With A Range Of Offenses

The Law Office of Amy Muth, PLLC, concentrates solely on litigating criminal matters. As a result, you can be certain that we will navigate the legal process efficiently, so that your teen's matters are resolved as promptly as possible.

Our attorneys are qualified to handle a variety of complex criminal cases involving juvenile offenses, including:

  • Juvenile sex violations
  • Juvenile domestic violence
  • Possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia
  • Minor in possession (MIP) of alcohol
  • Shoplifting and other theft crimes
  • Vandalism, arson, and other property crimes

Amy Muth and Jennifer Atwood are respected throughout Seattle's legal community because they seek solutions that truly promote their client's best interests. We regularly partner with psychologists and substance abuse treatment providers to identify and address the underlying issues influencing our clients behavior.

When you hire our firm, We will seek legal remedy rooted in rehabilitating offenders and positioning them for success in the future. Our record of case reductions, dismissals, and acquittals speak to our proven legal abilities.

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